From the mind of Clive Barker

Yes – I said it once now I’ll say it again – I love all the works signed Clive Barker and those related to his magnificent ideas.

I just grabbed a look at “Dread” based on a short story written by CB. And as twisted and intriguing the plot was it left a big question mark in my brain.

Synopsis – a group of students set up a school project in which they try to analyze and understand people’s fears.

Every one of them had at least one bad thing that changed the course of their life – murder, accident, rough childhood, being an outcast and so on – which now can help the students to finish their job.

Every interview has something new to offer – that until one of them – which took this experiment as something more than a school project – tries to use all these elements in order to pass his fears – to try to live the moment – to feel the ultimate fear – facing the beast as he states.

We have some very cool created gore scenes – I liked the scenes in which the characters seem to live again their tragedies. We also have some mental torture that made me think about me being in a fucked-up situation and doing all the wrong things.

But with all these being said – Dread is a must see and also a must-be-smart to understand. So tell me people – would you face your fears without thinking of consequences?

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