When I entered the DB Universe

This was a long long time ago, when I was very little but when I first got involved in this journey towards becoming an otakoid.

Being little, it’s normal to love animation right? But being as old as I am [21] people think that watching japanese animation it’s a thing that kids do. “When will you grow up?” they asked me – “When I’ll fucking die!” I answered them.

Watching anime has nothing to do with me growing up or becoming a fucking grown-up retard – I do this because it’s something that makes me feel complete. We [the otakoids] have special needs – we need moeness in our lives, we pursue the ultimate dream [making our lives better] by making references to alternate [fantastic] worlds.

We are constantly learning something new. We are able to understand the elements of media much more easier than those stupid cocksuckers that only watch the same 7-8 movies every year.

Wait…this articles has nothing to do with it’s title? I guess I’ll go there then…

Watashi-wa Otakoid desu! And if you really want to hear it… Hajimemashite!

My story begins in a very strange place [my old home – that now it’s gone but which made me a happy kid]. As a young boy I loved action, fighting, talking dirty, thinking that girls could only bring me trouble – cuz when you’re little you are this way.

Then I discovered Dragon Ball – my first anime – my all-time favourite and my way to escape the daily routine and bad shit that surrounded me. That day – the only important day that I remember – I was about to go to the dentist. I freakin hate dentists and as a child I feared them. But right before taking off I saw this episode of DB – and from that moment the DB Universe was something that I really needed everyday [til the show was over].

That one episode offered me courage, offered me the chance to believe in my own strength and to face my fears. I was very little 7-8 maybe but as little as I was able to think as a grown-up would do. I said – no more being a scared pussy bitch.

I was very confident in this – til the moment I saw those creepy needles and my courage left me for greener pastures.

That was the day I entered the DB Universe…

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