Awesome Retro RPG Game

When we talk retro RGPs we talk dungeons, heroes, princesses, demons and crazy quests. I just read on a blog about this retro RPG and the things it has to offer.  Synopsis Quest Deluxe – a japanese game [but which is translated] which only consists of 25 levels – with little surprises.

We have simple quests like talk to somebody, trade an item, defeat an enemy and so. But we also have some levels with some interesting puzzles / you just got to have what it takes to continue.

Best part – when it is presented the story of your parents. You end up in Heaven – you learn that your mother is an Angel, then surprise, your journey gets you to your father, who is a mole :)). Japanese humor was always something that these kind of games had to offer.

A very inspiring OST, remembering you of the late 80’s gaming. I finished the game and so should you.

You can find it here – Synopsis Quest Deluxe.

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