Meatball Machine

Simply put, sci-fi horror meets apocalyptic gore. In this battle of good against bad, the only thing that will survive is the public. Anything else has to…sort of die. Note: it’s not the best horror japanese film you’ll ever see. But it’s interesting because of the mashed meat and blood that flies all over. This is the Meatball Machine.

Most of the japanese movies I’ve seen inflicted a character that seems to be a young male, shy or uninterested in what this world could offer, who can be easily beaten and who is most of of the time a subject for mockery.

Meet Yoji and his existential condition. As stated above, he is our “hero”. The plot tells us that some alien organism capable of taking over the human body and controlling its functions has entered the Earth realm.

Other organisms came here in order to search possible enemies and try to kill and eat them. So, it’s a story about human that became necroborgs and now they fight and eat each other.

Yoji will become one of them, but he will succeed in removing the parasite and keep only the body. The story complicates when the women he liked ends up a necroborg too. To save her he has to kill her, so the fight begins.

We have weapons that come out from their flesh, he have a lot of blood spilling out and we have characters engaged in intensive pain sessions.

It’s nothing psychologically told but it made me think about one thing: when will this idea of necroborgs taking over the planet will cease to be the main theme of some of the japanese media products?

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