Grave of the Fireflies

I had in mind to watch this movie for some time now and finally I did. If somebody would put me to describe the movie in like three words I would say inspiring, touching, sad. Of course every production that tells a war-story should be touching and sad – war is something awful, something that destroys lives and dreams.

The story sets us in the time of WW2. Japanese territory is invaded by aircrafts that destroy everything beneath them.

Living with their mother are Seita and his little sister Setsuko. After one bombing session, they lose their mother and begin their existence by themselves.

They end up staying in this old shelter. It’s a touching story because of the struggle of surviving, the battle against famine and misery, the perfect childhood being destroyed. Setsuko is the only one who will try to live the moment – since she is a young child, she doesn’t need to worry about future. Her brother will deal with all the problems – and he will be her support til her final days.

We have the theme of war as percepted by a child. Even if it’s not stated the true essence of it, this vision can lead us to the idea of defining war. Setsuko will die due to lack of nourishment and due to her existential environment.

The scene of Seita dealing with her dead body almost brought me to tears.

To end this I must say that this is the best Studio Ghibli movie I’ve seen so far.

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