Yomeiro Choice volume 2 – review

Finally – I ended reading the second volume of Yomeiro Choice – and I can say the story evolved from good to great. We aren’t resuming only at the simple fact of having babies with three women, but we have some emotional arithmetic that we have to study in here. Get ready to be spoiled a lil’bit.

Great, just great as the spirit stated in “Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader”, but from where to begin…

I say this to refresh your memory – Yomeiro Choice is an Ecchi Comedy that presents some girls that came from the future to make sure that their parents will take action in order for them to be born.

One boy, three different girls + the other three. Harem installed, fanservice checked, embarrassing situations put, all in one volume.

There are presented, in order, the possibility of spoiling the father too much and therefore he wouldn’t be a role model for his kids. Then we have wrong feelings for wrong persons. We also have wrong ways of behaving and destroying something that took a while to be built.

We have human relationships, good and bad deeds, and over all this we obtain LOVE. Love is the main theme, even if it’s not detailed. The last chapter let a question mark above the destiny of our hero – what his future look like – we don’t know – yet.

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