Ghost in the Shell – part one

There’s a perfect time for everything – and right now it’s just perfect for me to talk a lil’bit about the recent anime I’ve seen.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex is a Production I.G. anime that originally run in 2002/2003. We have the story of cyberterrorism coupled with some SF action and politics analysis.

Directed by Kenji Kamiyama, GITS brings us a world of violence and evil that now is evolving via internet. All the volumes of the series will have a perfect depiction of how data can be transmitted and used by the power of online connections.

The Laughing Man case is what we deal with in this first season of GITS.

Even if humans can now obtain advantages by using cyborg parts as parts of their bodies, problems can appear. It is the case of cyberbrain sclerosis and the therapy used to treat it, therapy through micro-machines. The Laughing Man, the alias for a certain PC hacker will try to demonstrate the inefficiency in using that kind of treatment. Tests showed that some kind of tuberculosis vaccine is more useful when dealing with this disease.

Therefore, someone had to step up and reveal the truth.

The story centers around a police department called Section 9. Here we meet Major Mokoto Kusanagi – a female cyborg that can be considered that type of intelligent and independent woman. Her evolution is seen from strong-headed acts to understanding the meaning of team work. The first season offers many cases in which Mokoto has to bring her comrades into action.

Another strong point, as stated by other critics is the sexuality. She is capable of attracting men only by her attitude (and that outfit).

Besides being an cyborg themed and automatization related anime, it is a good depiction of human feelings that could be transmitted to robots. Love, hate, compassion all these can be learned – if not remembered.

GITS is featured on the must see list and many people say only good things about it. I’ll not break that rule when I say I’ll gladly watch the other season and the second movie. The first one was awesome.

Later edit: The series and the movie features some very cool music. I especially love the Doll Houses tracks.

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