Half Life 2 – Perceptions – part one

Okay, okay – stop it. Because Gordon is back. Well, back on my blog and my mind after spending almost 7 hours playing Half  Life 2. It’s the first time I play this game and probably not the last. Cuz being a magnificent game it already told me that it should be replayed someday.

Story: After the Black Mesa incident, Freeman accepted the G Man’s proposal. We now see Freeman in action. Set in the almost deserted City 17 on a strange Earth, the story talks about Freeman trying to reach some old friends, non-player characters that were seen in the previous HL games – Calhoun, Kleiner and also new ones – the cute Alyx Vance.

After reaching the checkpoint [chapter 2 starts] Gordon Freeman gets his suit and the famous crowbar. Let the battle begin.

Enemies: The first part of the game you will encounter a lot of scanners and man hacks. These flying things can and they will harm you. Scanners do not take life power from you but they put you in disadvantage when they blind you. Man hacks can harm you with their spinning blades.

The guards of City 17 are called Combines. They’ll be seen through the whole game.

My favorite enemies – zombies and headcrabs, each having three different species. The zombies make quite some crazy and scary noises. The crabs can jump on you from nowhere, making the instant kill impossible sometimes.

Environment Interaction: You can talk to different people and you can grab many many things. Just use the interact button to pick up small things. When you receive the gravity gun from Alyx, you’ll manage to manipulate larger things [boxes, furniture, etc].

The graphic quality is awesome. This futuristic scenery impresses me.

The environment is very well defined and everything seems Half Life themed. I say it once more – it’s a great game. Stay tuned for the part two of this article.



Inspired by – episode number 23 of “Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni”

The story goes like this. Rena gets revenge against the women who planned to destroy her family and relationship with her father. She takes the woman to her secret place and kills her by smashing up her head. The man who threatens her father ends up being killed by Rena’s machete. But what’s my role in all of this?

Well, after seeing the episode I found out that this side of Rena is something that I possess.

And I’m not afraid to admit it. Even you’ll think I’m a sick fuck who enjoys killing and mutilating, I’m not that type of guy. But maybe someday I’ll manage to kill your family and mash up their meat and make balls of it and throw ’em from my window after old people saying that I’m giving them free food. I warned you, but you want to continue reading this.

In an exceptional situation, without any real ways of escaping, I would do that kind of thing. If I’d have a gun, I would definitely use it. My fave – shotgun baby. I would blow their head off right at the spot. But I’m not doing that, I was just saying. Chill, homie.

Why I enjoy gore and sadistic productions? Because I’m sick of the gay party movies in which the story sums up to the same old bullshit. I’ve never seen a dead body in reality before – so this could be the reason of me enjoys these things.

I’m not a bad person, trust me. I like doing the right things – helping people, not harming them – even if they don’t deserve it. But one thing that stops me from being a saint it’s my anger. When I get angry, you don’t wanna be near me. Cuz I’ll fucking chop you up.

See? Now you made me mad. Where the fuck is my axe?

[This is a fictional story. Do not eat my shit believing what I said it’s true. Fuckin’ ‘tard.]

Japanese Tea Ceremony

As a japanese culture lover it is my duty to study and obviously understand all the aspects of this great culture.

Right now, even I know some details about this, I engaged myself into studying deeply the tea ceremony.

First of all let me state that I enjoy the true meaning of this custom. Precision, modesty, exactitude, sensibility and a certain degree of honor – all in one.

The japanese tea ceremony represents a cultural way of preparing the precious tea. It’s not just some act that involves mixing how water with powdered tea. It’s about the way you put your soul into this, it’s about the feelings towards the final product – matcha.

The ceremony consists in the preparation, the serving and the drinking of matcha. But despite the visual aspects we also have the spiritual part of it.

I’m talking about the art behind it. Japanese culture it’s all about relating art to everyday chores. Every detail requires attention. Every move must be strictly accomplished.

The change of seasons it’s an influential element in the ceremony.

More I read about this activity, more interesting facts come into my way. Now I’ll let you enjoy a video of the japanese tea ceremony. Observe the calmness of it.

Wandering Warrior Reina

This September, figure collectors will get the chance to put their hands on this Queen’s Blade Reina character with some adjustments and improvements.

The complete name of the product – Queen’s Blade Wandering Warrior Reina 2P Color Vers. The changes are the gray hair and the black outfit – totally different from the anime version.

The figure it’s produced by Daiki Kogyo and it will cost about 13,000 yen.

If interested you can pre-order the figure here: Reina Figure.

Still Alive

I was at work while I listened one of Anigamer team’s podcast covering the Sony at E3 and the announcement that amazed me was that next year we will be glad if we are still alive because as you know the cake was a lie…

I’m taking nonsense – nope – GLaDos it’s still alive and because of that we will be enjoying Portal 2.

So, overwhelmed by memories about Valve’s hit Portal I started to play it again – and I didn’t stop til the credit song.

I don’t know why, but I really really love playing this game over and over again.

It’s just something about the way of playing demanded by the game itself. It’s not some usual FPS that you hurry up finishing it.

NO! For example, every FPS I play must bring me the opportunity of thinking my way to the next checkpoint. I love exploring even if it’s not on the mission list – God knows how must time I spent exploring while playing only Left4Dead.

I’m not that kind of game freak that enjoys only a few game names. Obviously I have my favorite games that I enjoy playing many hours. But I like experimenting everything.

But while playing Portal, I became one soul with the game. I suck it all up, it gives me energy, it makes me want more, it makes me feel amazing. Of course this is a joke, but it’s not a lie. I have today’s gaming session as witness.

I can’t wait to see more exceptional Valve creation and I really want to get Portal 2. When the right time comes…

Must have figure

Well, I never collected figures but this could be a fresh start of doing it.

Everybody has different tastes in figures. Most vote for the ecchi ones , cute little anime girls, robots or different imaginary heroes.

But me, I love this one. Call me weird, retarded or a sick fuck – I still love it.

Wouldn’t you like to own this Exorcist figure?

You would be able to generate different nightmares every day and live them when night comes. You could demonstrate that possession it’s just some retarded bullshit to scare little bitches and fags.

It’s just me being a creepy motherfucker.