RG – American campaign in COD

RG – Retro Gamer presents:

COD – Call of Duty [as you probably know the 2003 game of the year and the first to introduce the concept of WW2 reality into gaming].

The first campaign features 8 missions.

You will experience what field combat means after you’ve done your training.

Get ready soldier because many lives depend on you and your skills.

These missions will take you from your training zone directly to the warzone.

You end up in the town of Sainte-Mere-Eglise where you’ll have to clear the area from German troops. You’ll have to kill many soldiers, destroy anti-aircraft tanks, you’ll learn how to use both American and German guns.

The fourth mission gets you into some crazy drive-n-shoot action. You’ll find yourself behind enemy lines with just two soldiers to cover you. It was my favorite mission from this campaign along with the rescuing the British officers one.

3 words description of the game: lots of action. It’s impossible for you to stay and think when German troops hunt you down and tanks kill your comrades.

You can see the list of the missions you have to complete but also you got to be fast and think before you choose how to accomplish your goals.

I prefer the close combat. It’s more efficient even if you can take damage. But being near the enemies make your mission easier. You just get into their area and start killing them.

I can proudly say that I finished the campaign without restarting any mission.

So, what’s your take on the game?

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