Japanese Tea Ceremony

As a japanese culture lover it is my duty to study and obviously understand all the aspects of this great culture.

Right now, even I know some details about this, I engaged myself into studying deeply the tea ceremony.

First of all let me state that I enjoy the true meaning of this custom. Precision, modesty, exactitude, sensibility and a certain degree of honor – all in one.

The japanese tea ceremony represents a cultural way of preparing the precious tea. It’s not just some act that involves mixing how water with powdered tea. It’s about the way you put your soul into this, it’s about the feelings towards the final product – matcha.

The ceremony consists in the preparation, the serving and the drinking of matcha. But despite the visual aspects we also have the spiritual part of it.

I’m talking about the art behind it. Japanese culture it’s all about relating art to everyday chores. Every detail requires attention. Every move must be strictly accomplished.

The change of seasons it’s an influential element in the ceremony.

More I read about this activity, more interesting facts come into my way. Now I’ll let you enjoy a video of the japanese tea ceremony. Observe the calmness of it.

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