Inspired by – episode number 23 of “Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni”

The story goes like this. Rena gets revenge against the women who planned to destroy her family and relationship with her father. She takes the woman to her secret place and kills her by smashing up her head. The man who threatens her father ends up being killed by Rena’s machete. But what’s my role in all of this?

Well, after seeing the episode I found out that this side of Rena is something that I possess.

And I’m not afraid to admit it. Even you’ll think I’m a sick fuck who enjoys killing and mutilating, I’m not that type of guy. But maybe someday I’ll manage to kill your family and mash up their meat and make balls of it and throw ’em from my window after old people saying that I’m giving them free food. I warned you, but you want to continue reading this.

In an exceptional situation, without any real ways of escaping, I would do that kind of thing. If I’d have a gun, I would definitely use it. My fave – shotgun baby. I would blow their head off right at the spot. But I’m not doing that, I was just saying. Chill, homie.

Why I enjoy gore and sadistic productions? Because I’m sick of the gay party movies in which the story sums up to the same old bullshit. I’ve never seen a dead body in reality before – so this could be the reason of me enjoys these things.

I’m not a bad person, trust me. I like doing the right things – helping people, not harming them – even if they don’t deserve it. But one thing that stops me from being a saint it’s my anger. When I get angry, you don’t wanna be near me. Cuz I’ll fucking chop you up.

See? Now you made me mad. Where the fuck is my axe?

[This is a fictional story. Do not eat my shit believing what I said it’s true. Fuckin’ ‘tard.]

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