Dreamfall: The Longest journey [part two]

I would never guessed this…my adventure playing this game took me to….Japan. That it’s right. But only during the gameplay 😦

So, Zoe ends up in Japan trying to get to her friend. A very cool atmosphere is depicted here. Despite the botspiders that fry you – and the grumpy persons you can find here.

But it has some cool aspects – if I may say – the puzzles are quite easy to solve – or I’m just too smart for this game. Except for those musical hieroglyphs I didn’t have any problem solving all the puzzles. Hacking and breaking codes – putting all the pieces together, obtaining all the necessary items, talking to the right people – I’m doing fine playing this game.

What I really like about this game is the environment and of course that feeling of getting the chance to see again all parts of Marcuria: The JourneyMan Inn, the Streets, etc.

And surprise – we get Crow once again into action. And his humor never ceased to exist.

But enough of this. The story brings back Zoe to Marcuria and she meets April, who has to save her from the prison. I’m currently in the 11th chapter so soon the story will end. I wonder what my reaction will be after seeing the final chapter. I surely hope it will amazing…

Must Have Figure – Tank

I never saw this coming…

Valve’s hit Left 4 Dead 2 is brought back into attention with the release of this figure – a special infected – the mighty Tank.

This character is the only one that is able to startle me – when his theme begins I know this creature will appear and probably pin me down.

The figure looks quite gruesome – it has that sadistic feeling of trying to smash you – but I really love that miniature shotgun – a great weapon for a great game.

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey [part 1]

You shouldn’t call yourself a gamer if you never heard of “The Longest Journey” and/or its sequel “Dreamfall”.

“The Longest Journey” was a truly exceptional experience for me. Being a very well constructed adventure game with an exciting storyline, great characters and challenging puzzles – this game can provide everything that you need in a fantastic world.

But enough of that game and let’s get into its sequel.

Meet Zoe Castillo. One hot game chick. She is the main protagonist/hero/inspiring character, everything you wanna call her.

You begin the game seeing a scene in which Zoe is in a coma – we do not know for what reason – but one thing it’s for sure – something bad happened.

2 weeks earlier Zoe got this strange message “Find April Ryan…Save her…” that appeared out of nowhere on different screens that she encountered.

April Ryan was the main hero in “The Longest Journey”. She was the one to help us learn about Arcadia and the beautiful universe that exists besides our knowledge.

So let’s get back to Casablanca. A beautiful city with extremely pleasant sightings. Zoe is determined to find out what is going on and who is giving her those messages. She ends up trying to get info from some of her friends, like Olivia. In the screen above you can see Olivia’s workplace. She is the town’s supplier when it comes down to technology. She kinda has everything. Hardware and software – Olivia can get it into the game.

After solving a few puzzles and put some pieces in the right order you end up finding about Venice – this brings back memories. You’ll be able to walk again those streets – searching for the Fringe Cafe – seeing the Clock Tower and even entering the Border House – which now is a weird place – a sort of hotel that reminds you of the haunted high-school in Silent Hill.

This is a starting point into the main mission – finding April Ryan.

You get to meet Charlie and to see once again the “mysterious door”. And the sewer where Ducky floated – the game itself offered me a great sensation – remembering all these elements 😀

But still – the unknown lies ahead. More information will be posted in the second part of this article.

Hapee B’Day!

Well it seems that I made some time to write something while celebrating 1 year of JapFun. [even if I’m so terribly busy with work and shit]

And what’s greater than celebrating with alcohol…regular one…it is…….MOE ALCOHOL!

That it’s right. Be driven to your inner craziness by tasting and drinking and then abusing this anime inspired potion.

picture property of akibamap.info

I could use some of that right now – trust me – it’s been awhile since I last drank something and man – I’m in need!

So, being my blog’s celebration and all I promise to drink – tomorrow after I’m done with work!! UUUUuuuhh! I can’t wait…I can’t wait :))

Soulja Boy’s Anime

You probably live in a fucking sealed cave if you didn’t heard about the “King of the internet” and “Twitter king” who “flies like Goku”, looks like “Piccolo” and “Death Note” wears “Pikachu diamonds” is a trained and skilled “samurai” and his life it’s an “anime”.

That’s my first impression on Soulja Boy’s “Anime” track.

I liked SB from the first time I “cranked dat”. I got addicted to his mixtapes and I see that his interests are the same with mine. Who wouldn’t like to rap about Inuyasha and Cowboy Bebop. Or at least get a rap-taste of Death Note.

Anime Swag Bitches!


I know it’s a day earlier but tomorrow I’ll be very busy and not in here so…

Let’s just celebrate ONE year of EXISTENCE!! JapFun has one year. I wonder when all this time passed. So…today I’ll post some special posts – funny, scary, interesting or just crappy – it’s up to you to decide.

But first let’s recap. Here are some of my best and my favorite posts. Re-enjoy them bitches!

Dear Diary – Yes it is a review of “Diary of the Dead” even if it doesn’t seem to be that way. It has that sadistic style that defines my personality – so, where’s my axe…hehe

Ninja Girl – Even if it’s a stupid movie I had lots and lots of searches and views for this post. WTF people you enjoy crappy movies?

Left 4 Dead – This post was a must mention – you know L4D it’s my favorite game and I still play it like a fucking maniac – hours and hours without getting tired of it. Valve are a bunch of geniuses – trust me.

Let’s have some fun – Episode 6 – This articles was about another game that I truly enjoyed: Guilty Gear XX. When I first played this game I was like – damn crazy chix beats robots and mutants and shit. Then I fell in love with Dizzy…I guess I was drunk or sumthing…hehe

An Experiment – When I was still in college I had to participate to a social experiment – dressing as a beggar and shit. Now that I graduated I’ll become one – if I don’t get a job :))

Yomeiro Choice Vol. 1 – A funny and perverted manga. What you want more…hentai and shit? Get a fucking life! Or read the post. It’s the same thing…hehe

Nintendo – When I was little I used to have Nintendo consoles and play games all day. Now it’s the same but I use emulators :)) And I spend more hours on gaming then living…

Konvict – My thoughts on prisons and jails. And my thoughts for the people in there…Free Wayne!

The Lost Worlds – I enjoyed Queen’s Blade from the first episode. An then I enjoyed everything related to this anime. Okay..okay..of course I enjoyed tits and ass and shit.

If you want more, feel free to search the blog for all the other articles.

Dementia [+18]

I know it’s in there…I know it. I just can’t reach it. But I know it waits for me.

My entrails dictated me that I should follow your shadow and believe in your inner darkness. But I can’t seem to be able to stick with the plan. Is it fear that makes you tremble or just the image of me and this bloody axe… Or maybe are those hundreds of dead bodies that I left behind.

I can’t figure this out and my perception of this world is a bit…how should I say…a bit “nauseated”. Just like when you’re feeling depressed and there’s no fucking soul in this world that can comfort you. Not a single one…

I believed in this logic. I really did. I tried and tried til my strength was all vanished. I used my time quite ingeniously. Every calculation I made had a reason. Every problem had up to forty solutions. Only this one had an answer missing. Why has this to be…more exactly why you have to be this way. I only tried to love you. You were everything for me.

Now you’re only a meat piece baby. I stay quietly in here, looking at your corpse and crying because I beheaded you…I’m sorry girl, let’s just make up…