Highschool of the Dead

On the day everything came to an end…I killed my best friend…and held the girl that I liked for the first time.

I can say that my dream became true. When I first heard that the Highschool of the dead manga will get an anime adaptation I knew that it would be awesome – and the first episode really got me.

We have ecchi, we have fanservice but most important we have gore and zombies…lots of them. Very graphic zombie killing action – lots of nasty sounds of heads being smashed – meat being ripped off the bone and scary moans. And speaking of sounds – amazing thing – we can listen to something similar to 28 Days Later theme – In The House – Without  A Heartbeat.

The characters are living these moments in constant fear – they didn’t understood from the beginning the danger of this event. Zombie Apocalypse – something that will inspire many many good productions.

A very good and well constructed first episode – you gotta see it.

4 thoughts on “Highschool of the Dead

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