[Explicit language – Viewer discretion is advised]

I’m not really into writing stuff about myself – cuz nobody wants to read that shit – but right now – I feel like talking some crap about me.

Like a year ago, I made some mistakes. Nobody’s perfect you know. I did something that included police sections, some damn motherfuckers pissing me off and some alcohol bottles.

At that time I was scared like hell – but now I know that it was meant to happen. Everytime I remember that shit I start making jokes – I really enjoy speaking about that.

Next came another problem – popo’s shut us down – and people starting hating me. Just great. I always wanted to feel how’s to be hated by everybody [just like Sawyer in LOST].

I never understood why people would hate me just because they knew I made a mistake ONCE. Anyway, I always hated them, these fucktards, going stupid and dumb and keeping their lives that way. Just faggots, retarded bitches and half-assed individuals, with no future, no knowledge of living their lives – losers to be exactly. I know, I know – you probably think that I do not have to right to judge them – but I can say that after graduating the college – I studied journalism – so words are part of my existence – I can make the difference between mentally retarded people and smart ones. And as sad as it seems, I’m surrounded just by losers.

Sometimes I find myself in the situation of speaking alone cuz they don’t understand me. Of course I have my homies – like 4 real friends who care or at least they try to show me that.

Okay – next it’s time to fuck some people. Fuck snitches – I’ll hate them til I die and even after. Fuck stupid bitches – I have the impression I’ll never get the chance to meet a wonderful woman that deserves to be loved. Fuck’em. And of course, fuck the police! These slaves will never get another chance to fuck me up. But everytime I’ll encounter them I’ll show them that being smart it is better than being a cop. Motherfuckers.

Wait – what the fuck did you say. Writing this doesn’t make me smart. Then fuck you homie. Get the fuck outta my blog. Thank you.

[This is just an article like I always try to make. Don’t take it personally. Be smart. Be safe. Work for Black Mesa]

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