Highschool Of The Dead – 02 – review

When you are really enjoying a show – the time you spent watching it seems very, very limited. That happened with me while watching the second episode of Highschool Of The Dead.

picture property of sekijitsu.com

The episode prepares us for survival while the world is hit by the Zombie Apocalypse. There are mentions of the other “productions” related to to zombie theme that right now, for the characters are useful.

Homemade guns, lots of courage and determination – that’s what it takes to take down the walking dead bodies.

Of course besides that you can see lots of ecchi elements from panties to bouncing boobs and so. The episode reminds me of every undead themed movie where the survivors gather around and decide how to continue their fight with the dead folks.

A not-so impressive episode but quite good. Hope the next one will be better.

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