I Do Not Recommend: Nekromantik

[Viewer discretion is advised]

Released in 1987 – Nekromantik became a cult movie that simply disturbs and sickens the public. Do not read this article if you don’t wanna get nightmares.

Okay ladies and gentlemen – this is one sick movie that I saw and I can say it’s not for everyone to see.

It has a certain thing about it. Themes like necrophilia and cannibalism, suicide, murder – in one expression – visual violence.

The gore is taken to another level. The story centers around a fucked up individual – who works at a company that deals with dead bodies.

This one and his girlfriend [sick fucks both of them] enjoy bringing corpses home and…try to have a good time around them. Most of the film I was like – WTF?!? 😐

The depiction of death is quite similar to reality. Sometimes you have the impression that this thing it’s for real. But it’s not. Just a motion picture released in order to express the image of a sick mind.

What impressed me was the so called message – when the protagonist has that dream where he feels a creepy freedom – he comes out of the body-bag and starts playing with human flesh with the angel.

If you look for this movie to see some morbid art – that is okay. But if you simply want to entertain yourself, do not try this movie. You’ll be changed forever.

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