Thoughts on Doom 3

I just got back into the real world after a 10 hours long gaming session – time in which I was involved in killing demons spilled from hell – very Doomish if I can say so.

I was playing Doom 3 for the second time. Right now I’m at the Delta labs sector 4. I can’t wait to arrive in Hell [my favorite level in this game].

So, what’s my take on the game? Besides the atmosphere [very morbid] and the scary sounds [it freaked me out several times today] I could say I like the plot. I like the details that help understanding the origins and the purpose of the villains. Every element has a story of itself. Nothing is random.

Very hot killing action in this game. Everytime you think that it’s safe to move on, something will appear in front of you trying to rip your head off. I mostly enjoy killing the zombies. With the chainsaw. Nothing it’s more sweet than using the chainsaw in combat.

The zombies are really slow [Romero style] so you can easily kill them. I mostly had problems with the Zombie commandos [they are a real pain in the ass].

But I had fun. And that’s all that matters for me. I guess next time I’ll talk about the rest of the game. Hell awaits…

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