Tsuki No Koibito

As in my last seen J-dorama.

The story goes around Hazuki Rensuke – the president of the Regolith – a furniture manufacturing company – who is very devoted to his work and his passion – the true essence of furniture stands in his love for the natural element: wood.

Because of that – he leads his life worrying only to deliver good furniture to the public. As a human he can be cataloged as a cold person. He doesn’t let people see if he is sentimentally involved in something.

Things go complicated when he realizes he likes Xiu Mei – a worker at one of his factories. Xiu Mei becomes the model of the company – and Rensuke starts falling deeply for her.

Being a romantic production, of course that we have the cliche of breaking-up and feeling deeply sad about this. But in the end everything works out.

From the three persons who are attached to Rensuke, the most I liked Onuki Yuzuki character interpreted by Kitagawa Keiko.

If you’re looking for stylish characters and a certain degree of life lived right, you got yourself a deal by watching this production.

If you’re like me, you’ll observe the true meaning of every detail of the show. I always watch something that can be learning material and not just to waste time.

I really enjoyed the show – part because of the story, part cuz of the characters. You should enjoy it too.

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