Let’s try imagining ourselves living without no worries all our lives.

Let’s try imagining ourselves completely addicted to a beautiful way of living.

Then let’s try to picture ourselves in great danger, knowing that we cannot escape our fate. Let’s say that in the past we did something that right now could be the main reason for our current situation.

We are still able to remain calm and think through this. Everything has an explanation. And as false as it sounds, every problem has a solution.

One individual can get desperate but there are people who can comfort him, who can support him, who can help him. I am not one of those persons. I am not even close to that individual. I don’t care, I don’t even think about getting involved in his situation.

Why should I?

Why should someone get into his affairs. Why helping him? He didn’t do shit for me in the past. Why now? When I’m feeling comfortable enough he must come and ruin my existential condition. I’ll just go…

So I went. Days and months passed. I was far, far away from that. But now, the circumstances made me come back. Guess what? Everything has changed. I’ve changed even if you don’t realize it…yet.

Hmmm…you didn’t observe but it’s a direct message to you. You said back there that you need me. I didn’t care about that. But now I do. And as sad as it might be, you’re not here anymore.

Like a spring flower, you vanished into thin air. I wasn’t here when that happened. I just found out a minute ago. I just found out that you killed yourself…

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