Kuchisake Onna [fanfiction] [+18]

This is a work of fiction. I hope you enjoy it.

Part 1.

Beware! Non-believers will suffer…

Strange day…as I recall. Yes, it was hot like today, a sunny yet strange day.

Mother was upset because I hid the scissors and I forgot where. She was walking constantly in and out – thinking where she could find them. In my undeveloped childhood mind I though it is funny to see her walking like that. I even smiled everytime she got out.

After a few minutes she stopped and looked at me. “You’ll regret it…” she whispered. “You’ll regret it…” she said again. I remember these words like it was an hour ago. And I remember her face while saying that. She had that look in the eyes like she was going through some pain. Her facial muscles moved around like they were possessed or something.

Then she suddenly turned around and started screaming. Her voice was louder and louder and then it started to became more like an agonizing sound.

I was scared like hell and I remember that I stood up and ran into my room. I was so afraid that I even forgot to lock up the door.

My mother’s screams stopped after a few minutes. Instead of that sound, I could hear her footsteps approaching my room.

As strange as it may occur to you, she had the lost scissors in her hand. How did she get them it’s still a mystery for me.

She approached me slowly,  staring at me. I could see blood coming out of her mouth.

She came closer and closer…”Am I beautiful?” she suddenly asked me. “Is mother beautiful?”. I was so afraid that my mouth wasn’t able to move. So I couldn’t answer to her question. Then the inevitable occurred.

She took the scissors to her mouth and started to cut her cheeks. Blood started spilling all over the place and a strange smell spread around me. It smelled like rotten flesh. Mother was still working on her sadistic maneuver. With both cheeks cut, she seemed to be like a morbid doll, with the smile of death printed on her face. That is right. The mutilation itself gave her the image of smiling. From one ear to another, her mouth was immortalized in a cold upward curving.

“Am I beautiful?” she kept on asking me while her face was far from being beautiful. Her voice turned louder and louder again til she screamed “AM I BEAUTIFUL NOW??”.

I closed my eyes in the exact moment when she took the scissors and stabbed my chest…

[to be continued…]

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