We seek only what we need…

Our mentality is often disturbed, but we try to avoid expressing the truth. We deny everything.

It is a natural source of human deprivation. We lie, we steal, we harm, we rape, we kill, we destroy, we disgrace and yet we still call ourselves good people. We are not. We only think that way, we only try to hide the falseness of our true essence.

We are born alive yet we are dead. We hope for heaven but only hell can accept us as we are. Everyone has a defined place there. I once knew  man. Fucking bastard.

He loved to be the main atraction everywhere he went. Without realizing it he was harming a lot of people. In the end all became clearer after he died. There are no such things as greatness. Nor things as love. There’s only hate. And betrayal.

Things that make the human being squirm in filth and misery. The only thing that keeps us alive. I wonder if we are still able to realize that we are alive after the maggots carve into our flesh. And when our dry bones are discovered by some child playing with his favorite toy. What would you say about this?

Come. The time for dark eternity has arrived. Hurry up, my child.

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