One Missed Call [can make the difference]

Some time ago I saw the Chakushin Ari Trilogy [One Missed Call] and now I said that I should re-watch these movies.

I really love the story.

If you are lucky [or maybe unlucky] you get an audio message from the future expressing your final moments on this realm. Cool, ain’t it?

Everytime a character hears that strange ringtone something bad will happen.

[Spoilers]Someone died in some sick and twisted way and in his/her final moments he/she tried to call for help. But death struck too early so their desperate action was ceased. But still, one thing occurred. A signal of death was transmitted. Now the dark angel/ghost/evil spirit – or whatever it is – is seeking for victims. As stated, you receive a call from future from you. Strange…and yet true. In the exact moment presented in that call, you’ll end your existence. So take a journey together with all the characters in their desperate way of trying to find a solution for survival.[/Spoilers]

When it comes to near death paranoia – these movies are an excellent example.

Wait…this ain’t my ringtone…

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