Sadistic Love

They say it’s over. They say it’s time to move on and let the past to transform into beautiful golden ashes.

I can’t remember the exact moment when I lost you…but I’m determined to find you once more. Or at least to come close to what you’ve become, my dear. I always thought that our love could resist to any temptation and overcome any obstacle. But you’ve changed. From a sweet angel you’ve become…something that I can’t describe with humanly words…something different but very precious to me.

So, here I am…searching for you, calling your name and waiting for an answer.

But the silence it’s too painful, so I have to find you – and that as quickly as possible. Because every second without you it’s like torturing myself without a proper reason.

I grab a candle and I open that lost door – the door of memories. The only thing that seems to be a barricade between you and me. I can smell you now, you’re here. You’re here…

I gently touch your face…that beautiful face that now is so cold. Why are you cold baby? I can’t help but to embrace her – hoping that she wouldn’t be cold no more…

Remember our first kiss? That beautiful night…all the stars that could easily turn our wishes into reality. I want you to remember cause I’m about to kiss you again…I feel your cold lips. And I feel those maggots that twist around in your mouth. So sweet and yet so tragic.

I embrace her hoping that our feelings will be revived once more. Her beautiful skin turned green some time ago. Why is this happening to her? A smell that could offend someone’s senses entered my nostrils…rotten flesh. My baby is decomposing – and it’s not what I wished for her. it’s like something is taking away from me what is left of her. I don’t want to lose her like this…I’m scared, I’m nauseated, I feel strange, my emotions are overwhelming me, I need a break, I need a solution…

That’s it! Brilliant…why didn’t this struck me earlier. In every relationship, partners must offer their hearts. I need her heart, I need my baby’s heart…

Using a knife I open up her chest. I work quickly because I’m afraid that something might wanna try to stop me. My hands are inside my baby’s body searching for that little treasure…

Despite the blood and the meat parts that are now scattered around me – I feel happy. I just got what I need – a small and soft item that could easily vanish into thin air, if I don’t pay attention…It’s her heart, our heart now…

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