Moe Club: Ako-Riko-senpai

You maybe heard about and seen KissxSis – a show in which the main female protagonists have something called a “brother complex”. Today I’ll talk about how moe that is and why this phenomenon has been applied to the show.

The story centers around Kei-chan and his sisters. Their relationship is depicted as being very, very close. They are not blood-related so they get involved in different, more intimate things. Just another way of proving that this show is 100% japanese.

The ecchi concentration is fortunately diminished by the romance elements that make the show more interesting and pleasant to watch.

So…why moe? Well in the construction of the characters, besides the visual aspect we can observe how cute they have to act. Doing everything for their brother – trying to achieve his feelings and constantly fighting for a place in his heart it’s something that the moe phenomenon is based upon.

Constantly cuteness and a lovey-dovey atmosphere – Kiss X Sis has earned a place in the Moe Club.

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