Highschool of the Dead – 03 – review

Trouble brings only trouble…and those in need of help can forget about it…they’re doomed.

The third episode of HOTD learns us why some people just deserve to die and why is the main reason for the human kind to be punished.

Evil – that’s why. Evil human nature and the joy of harming others. Man can use power to obtain what he needs. Man can use his power to bring down others and to make things go just the way he likes.

Man is evil – in life and even after death. This episode shows us that even when you have you’re friends close, some trouble might come your way.

We see the protagonists trying to escape the zombie hordes and to leave the high-school in order to search for other survivors. The thing is that they found survivors but do they really deserve to be saved…I guess some of them are not. No more details – just watch the episode.

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