Dementia [+18]

I know it’s in there…I know it. I just can’t reach it. But I know it waits for me.

My entrails dictated me that I should follow your shadow and believe in your inner darkness. But I can’t seem to be able to stick with the plan. Is it fear that makes you tremble or just the image of me and this bloody axe… Or maybe are those hundreds of dead bodies that I left behind.

I can’t figure this out and my perception of this world is a bit…how should I say…a bit “nauseated”. Just like when you’re feeling depressed and there’s no fucking soul in this world that can comfort you. Not a single one…

I believed in this logic. I really did. I tried and tried til my strength was all vanished. I used my time quite ingeniously. Every calculation I made had a reason. Every problem had up to forty solutions. Only this one had an answer missing. Why has this to be…more exactly why you have to be this way. I only tried to love you. You were everything for me.

Now you’re only a meat piece baby. I stay quietly in here, looking at your corpse and crying because I beheaded you…I’m sorry girl, let’s just make up…

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