I know it’s a day earlier but tomorrow I’ll be very busy and not in here so…

Let’s just celebrate ONE year of EXISTENCE!! JapFun has one year. I wonder when all this time passed. So…today I’ll post some special posts – funny, scary, interesting or just crappy – it’s up to you to decide.

But first let’s recap. Here are some of my best and my favorite posts. Re-enjoy them bitches!

Dear Diary – Yes it is a review of “Diary of the Dead” even if it doesn’t seem to be that way. It has that sadistic style that defines my personality – so, where’s my axe…hehe

Ninja Girl – Even if it’s a stupid movie I had lots and lots of searches and views for this post. WTF people you enjoy crappy movies?

Left 4 Dead – This post was a must mention – you know L4D it’s my favorite game and I still play it like a fucking maniac – hours and hours without getting tired of it. Valve are a bunch of geniuses – trust me.

Let’s have some fun – Episode 6 – This articles was about another game that I truly enjoyed: Guilty Gear XX. When I first played this game I was like – damn crazy chix beats robots and mutants and shit. Then I fell in love with Dizzy…I guess I was drunk or sumthing…hehe

An Experiment – When I was still in college I had to participate to a social experiment – dressing as a beggar and shit. Now that I graduated I’ll become one – if I don’t get a job :))

Yomeiro Choice Vol. 1 – A funny and perverted manga. What you want more…hentai and shit? Get a fucking life! Or read the post. It’s the same thing…hehe

Nintendo – When I was little I used to have Nintendo consoles and play games all day. Now it’s the same but I use emulators :)) And I spend more hours on gaming then living…

Konvict – My thoughts on prisons and jails. And my thoughts for the people in there…Free Wayne!

The Lost Worlds – I enjoyed Queen’s Blade from the first episode. An then I enjoyed everything related to this anime. Okay..okay..of course I enjoyed tits and ass and shit.

If you want more, feel free to search the blog for all the other articles.

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