Dreamfall: The Longest Journey [part 1]

You shouldn’t call yourself a gamer if you never heard of “The Longest Journey” and/or its sequel “Dreamfall”.

“The Longest Journey” was a truly exceptional experience for me. Being a very well constructed adventure game with an exciting storyline, great characters and challenging puzzles – this game can provide everything that you need in a fantastic world.

But enough of that game and let’s get into its sequel.

Meet Zoe Castillo. One hot game chick. She is the main protagonist/hero/inspiring character, everything you wanna call her.

You begin the game seeing a scene in which Zoe is in a coma – we do not know for what reason – but one thing it’s for sure – something bad happened.

2 weeks earlier Zoe got this strange message “Find April Ryan…Save her…” that appeared out of nowhere on different screens that she encountered.

April Ryan was the main hero in “The Longest Journey”. She was the one to help us learn about Arcadia and the beautiful universe that exists besides our knowledge.

So let’s get back to Casablanca. A beautiful city with extremely pleasant sightings. Zoe is determined to find out what is going on and who is giving her those messages. She ends up trying to get info from some of her friends, like Olivia. In the screen above you can see Olivia’s workplace. She is the town’s supplier when it comes down to technology. She kinda has everything. Hardware and software – Olivia can get it into the game.

After solving a few puzzles and put some pieces in the right order you end up finding about Venice – this brings back memories. You’ll be able to walk again those streets – searching for the Fringe Cafe – seeing the Clock Tower and even entering the Border House – which now is a weird place – a sort of hotel that reminds you of the haunted high-school in Silent Hill.

This is a starting point into the main mission – finding April Ryan.

You get to meet Charlie and to see once again the “mysterious door”. And the sewer where Ducky floated – the game itself offered me a great sensation – remembering all these elements 😀

But still – the unknown lies ahead. More information will be posted in the second part of this article.

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