Dreamfall: The Longest journey [part two]

I would never guessed this…my adventure playing this game took me to….Japan. That it’s right. But only during the gameplay 😦

So, Zoe ends up in Japan trying to get to her friend. A very cool atmosphere is depicted here. Despite the botspiders that fry you – and the grumpy persons you can find here.

But it has some cool aspects – if I may say – the puzzles are quite easy to solve – or I’m just too smart for this game. Except for those musical hieroglyphs I didn’t have any problem solving all the puzzles. Hacking and breaking codes – putting all the pieces together, obtaining all the necessary items, talking to the right people – I’m doing fine playing this game.

What I really like about this game is the environment and of course that feeling of getting the chance to see again all parts of Marcuria: The JourneyMan Inn, the Streets, etc.

And surprise – we get Crow once again into action. And his humor never ceased to exist.

But enough of this. The story brings back Zoe to Marcuria and she meets April, who has to save her from the prison. I’m currently in the 11th chapter so soon the story will end. I wonder what my reaction will be after seeing the final chapter. I surely hope it will amazing…

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