Myth: Reality of urban legends

The stories that I’m about to tell you are true. There are certain facts that proved these thing really happened. Myths and legends makeĀ  this world a better place because they imply the use of imagination – which is the most important thing related to creativity.

I’m the kind of guy who loves creativity, originality, the spirit of art and the call of senses. I’m also addicted to stories. Real or not – stories make my life colorful, they give me a reason of living my life the way I am.

But enough of that. Let’s get to business. Urban legends are just stories that should scare people? Or are they real? With all the crazy shit that’s happening in the world – I’m telling you, a new era of legends is about to unfold.

Among the real legends we have the hidden corpses. This thing happened in a lot of hotels/motels and places where people use to crash over the night.

You happily enter your room. You’re tired and you need some relaxation time. After taking a bath and eating something, the bed calls for you. As you approach the bed, a strange feeling takes over your body. You are attracted to it in a very unusual way.

After spending a little time in bed, a strange smell comes out of nowhere. it seems like rotten flesh – and when you realise this, you find a corpse underneath your bed.

The shock makes you runaway as quickly as you can. Many murders took place in hotels. And because the killer had to escape – an easy alternative of dealing with the body has been found. Just stuck the cadaver under the bed and you’re out of there.

As crazy as it sounds – people found themselves in this kind of situation all over the world.

Ai’te…the next thing will make your unconscious tremble.

Funerals…the way of saying goodbye to the loved ones. People have a thing for opened coffins. Most of them prefer not to look at the person in there. But a while ago, people used this opportunity to create a unusual “form” of art.

Family portraits depicting all the family embers – including the dead ones. It sounds unreal but it is real. The eyes of the deceased were opened forcibly – and a smile was modeled on his face. Thinking about that sadistic face only gives me the shivers. Imagine a dead guy smiling at you saying that you’re next. Damn…

Have you seen the japanese “One Missed Call” trilogy or the American remake of this movie. No?? Then you should know that dead people can text message the living.

It happened after a train crash in which 25 people died. One of them has been found after a while in the wreckage. But in that time, his cell phone was active and called his family members. How the fuck did that happen? The state of the remains couldn’t prove that he was still alive when the cellphone called…

I’m pretty sure that the creepiness of it cannot explain this fact.

Strange things can happen. I’m sure that everybody at some point in his/her life had to deal with a creepy moment.

I should get an article about crazy shit that happened to me – because I could write a lot.

Idol on Demand: Oshima Mai

Born in 1987, Mai is one sweet model – I have to admit that.

You know that in order to keep a perfect image of yourself, you have to work hard. Mai is passionate about volleyball – so sports are a part of her to-do-list to keep herself always fresh and realistic.

After checking-up some of her work – I realize that lingerie and swimsuits are amongst the best choices for her. She has great legs and wearing a skirt makes her look gorgeous. Still wearing something traditional places her into her fans heart. You know what I’m talking about.

Yomeiro Choice vol. 3

Before reading this you might wanna see the Volume 1 Review and the Volume 2 review. This way you’ll understand better the concepts of this manga.

I’ll remind you that this manga is one of the many harem-fanservice-ecchi ones who are an illustrated adaptation of women being used in different context of social living.

This volume still has surprises for the reader. A new daughter came from the future a certain painful thing to her father.

This first part brings Cerulea into action. She has to change the present in order to keep her life happy in the future. The artists always thought of happy endings for every situation – so this one will be exactly the same.

After losing weight with Ran-Nee, spending a day at the beach and helping Kozue to regain her felling for him, our hero ends up in a bunny cafe.

Of course that comedy follows us everywhere as we see the young boy spending money on hot bunny-dressed girls.

In the end everything works fine for our characters. Even if these 6 female characters have to fight between them at certain points – it looks like they are able to live happily together.

The volume taught me that being able to share your love for several persons shouldn’t make you feel uneasy about some of them. You can appreciate everybody. Because the first two rules of love are friendship and understanding. With these two, you can gain the respect of your partner.

Britney Loli Cosplay

Oookay…that is unusual for me but normal for the artist right? If I don’t get it that means I’m not capable of understanding art?

Meee? The one who percepts this world a constant video show? The one who enjoys the colors of life more than anything else? The one who tries to see beneath the simple messages of things he’s confronting?

I don’t think so. I might be dumb or stupid or whateva, but this is still strange for me.

It’s not like trying to describe this image…

I know Britney shocked and still tries to do that. But being “reinvented” by using the image of a loli wearing a swimsuit…that is a bit eccentric.

I like swimsuit…who doesn’t? But this image isn’t the perfect one to show me the beauty of wearing a swimsuit. Especially when banning lolis comes into play.

Lolis have this thing – people say it’s bad but people also say it’s good. If we think about the fact that manga depicts these fresh outta-diaper females as erotic instruments – obviously that is wrong.

But wrong is good for some people. Anyway if we think about the innocence and the cute smile and whatever the fuck can be related to a child [I freakin hate kids] for some this might be the center of their heart’s goodness.

Apparently Britney is encouraging the first aspect of loli existence. It is just art or it is something that could cause big trouble among individuals of modern society? You decide, my answer was written here – if you didn’t manage to see it – read more carefully. Beeotch!

Shikinami Asuka Langley – Apron Vers.

Yes – indeed you can enjoy some new Evangelion goodness.

Manufactured by Wave and developed by Yozo Ogawa – this figure brings another note of fan-service in anime series. As you know many characters have a thing for girls cooking. And I can say that in real life the same thing is available.

But wearing an apron over your bra is definitely something anime-inspired. You could observe that in different series. Just ToLoveRu crossed my mind right now.

picture property of hobbysearch –

She looks sweet, with a bit of madness reflected – she seems like she’s going to use that tool as a weapon. Pre-orders are available and the figure will come out in January next year. You can have it for 3825 yens.

Graduation: Angel Beats

I don’t think I saw a show with a deeper message than Angel Beats, trust me. I always wait for an on-going show to be complete before I watch it – but now I see what I’ve missed. Angel Beats is definitely one of my favorites shows now.

The story of lost souls interacts with their deepest desires to regain what they’ve been missing.

Placed in the afterlife, the action presents us a series of characters who quickly learn where they are and what they must do. Being dead at a very young age is a motive to be angry with God. So under the leading powers of Yurippe (photo left) they create an organization to fight against God and against Angel [Kanade/Tenshi].

This rage is fueled by Tenshi’s counter-attacks. After seeing the show I understood that Kanade knew the truth from the beginning – so she had to fight involuntarily.

Every episode has a message to offer. Staying true to your human nature by helping others is probably the most important thing I’ve learned from this show.

The characters have regrets and they tend to misuse their time in this new world. They know about the fact of disappearing but not the truth behind it.

So, after long and useless fights with Kanade, one of them will regain his memories and finally learn what’s his purpose…because everyone has a purpose, everyone has something to do in order to help the normal run of the world to stay intact.

Disappearing is not a bad thing. It can be associated with many things – good ones.

If one person didn’t manage to do something in her life, another chance might be given to her. If she wants to accomplish something, she will succeed, therefore she’ll disappear.

Stating the same thing in another expression – she will move on – she will not be lost anymore.

The need of love, understanding each other, making connections, trying the team work and therefore stating real personal feelings – in one word – friendship, that’s what makes our heroes to keep on going.

Because they are devoted to their cause, they’ll be able to overcome any obstacle and to graduate. When they do that – they souls are overwhelmed again by freedom – by a pure feeling of accomplishment.

They are who they were supposed to be…