Follow Me To Syberia

Syberia and its greatness will never cease to amaze me.

I finished the game for the second time (and I needed a little help at some points) but I can say that I had an extreme good time playing this game and participating to the story.

This will not be a review-type material but just some of my perceptions on the game.

First of all, if you like stories, this game it’s meant for you. The amount of dialogue and exchange of ideas is outstanding.

You can learn many things from things game, trust me.

The characters are meant to interact and what’s better than trying to get info on everybody’s background. You’ll observe that every NPC is directly involved in the main story even if they don’t have a clue and they will never see through that. But of course, we are talking about multimedia – only a game – but a great game.

Then we have the puzzles. Some will demand a higher level of wisdom. This game it’s not for everybody to play. You must have a certain experience with puzzle games and of course you must be capable of thinking solutions for the stated problems.

This point-and-click game has a role of expressing that every problem has a logical solution and every potential “mystery” has an explanation. We learned that automatons or the mechanical robots are a great help in this game. Transferring solid, concrete real world information into the game makes it more profound, a piece of art if I might say.

I cannot find something bad about the game – only good things.

As I said, the puzzles can help you develop your thinking process because it demands you to challenge your mental capability. It is great when someone thinks that way. Trust me, where I live are so many stupid motherfuckers that I’m feeling guilty only thinking about their lack of wisdom. But I’m just glad that I can put myself into another list – the list of people who still have their brains intact and ready for the next provocation.

P.S. – You must be crazy not to love Kate’s evolution. I feel you, Kate Walker!

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