Have you ever wondered that this life, this gift from God is so imperfect?

Have you ever wondered why life isn’t fair with some individuals or maybe with you? I wondered and trust me I cannot explain to myself that no matter what I try to do, the imperfection will be a step in front of me, trying to stop me from getting my goals accomplished.

But still…God in his creation actions thought that people should have another gift – the imagination – something that will help someone to create beautiful things. But imagination it’s not the only thing that the human being possesses.

Dreaming – it’s all that our subconscious deposits – a world where we can be ourselves – where we can reach the things that reality cannot offer us.

If you’ve seen “Inception” and your mind works a lil’ bit, you will understand what I’m talking about.

People care more about their loved ones, or at least they should be. In my life that was time when I really loved to care about others – but right now those feelings are dead and gone – far, far away.

Of course I still care about family, friends, a girl once in a while but just for a little period of time. I just know that the imperfection of this world it’s not a solution for me.

Of course, I’ll not kill myself because of that but I’ll try to create my own world where the sun is shining no matter what storm is coming my way. A world where the light of the day is brighter than the purest moonshines. Where despite the thing that it’s snowing, the warmth of peace it’s still present.

A world where all the ghosts that haunt me can discover their inner strenght to travel the the doors of sky. A world of mine, where I cannot be disturbed.

A place where it’s day and night at the same time, where I can live even if I’m dead. Where imperfection is absent.

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