You wouldn’t dare…

Okay motherfuckers. This is straight from my self-reflection. And of course it is from the urge that makes me kill someone thinking this way.

Have you ever thought that helping others might bring you really big problems? That some faggots would grab you and hand you over to the authorities stating that you were trying to sexually assault someone. And of course you would be innocent.

This could happen to you if you try to help a lost fucking retarded kid on the street. People could consider that you are some freaking pervert trying to seduce that fucking little kid. Of course you’re only trying to do the right thing – but think about it – wouldn’t be better if you let that dickless retard to find his own way home? Wouldn’t it be better if you stay the fuck outta his way and avoid all this crap.

I would do that shit. Fuck him and his existential condition.

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