All Eyes On: Yuri

Welcome to a brand new series of articles – related mostly to the defined art of anime – in which you will encounter some interesting and useful facts about your passion.

So, today’s feature is one anime genre that I quite enjoy. Yuri – or the lesbian themed anime shows/manga volumes – you gotta love it.

In the Japanese media – anime – videogames – movies or TV shows – the term of yuri can explain a woman’s love for another female at some different levels: sexually or emotionally. I mean most of the manga I read or anime shows tend to include both in the expression of yuri. Because attraction and lust is directly transferred from an innocent feeling. People try to put the sexually expression of yuri on the “black list” or the “sin list” – because they don’t bother to understand the starting point of it.

But love is the key to everything right?

If you didn’t read or watched yuri stuffed – you should consider trying it sometime, you’ll be amazed if you find out that you enjoy that stuff.

I recently checked out some one-shots and I saw that they are very, very different in expressing the yuri genre. One of them shows the girl love in a comic way – characters always wanting a kiss from their partners. They act strange and they end up doing stuff without second thoughts or remorse. You want something – you go for it.

The other one accentuated that beautiful feeling of falling in love – those moments when strange ideas cross your mind and you use your imagination to picture your perfect relationship with the one you like.

Personally I enjoy more the romantic side of yuri – but of course action intrigues me.

The fact of someone showing her/his feelings it’s more interesting. You can directly observe the evolution of that character – an action that implies a certain grade of spiritually metamorphosis.

Love reflected through art is a symbol of being human. If you cannot understand the least of it – you shouldn’t call yourself worthy of your own life.

Most of the people – true fact stated and demonstrated – enjoy yuri because of the sexually side of it. With all the mess and crap that you can find on the internet today – yuri started to lose its sense.

Associated only with hentai media – this genre it’s about to develop into a irreversible porn category. It shouldn’t be this way.

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