Who is “Salt”

What would you do when you’re a Russian spy whose identity is almost blown? What would you do when you’re told that you’re about to assassinate your country’s president and not only. You probably would do like Salt – take action.

Salt is Angelina Jolie’s latest movie. Action combined with a list of great actors – a recipe for transferring the cold world of politics into a bloody do-or-die experiment.

Being a CIA officer, Evelyn Salt (Angelina Jolie) has made a name for herself when it comes to interrogations.

She was trained to crack almost every detail of a possible bad guy. But when CIA is informed that she might be a Russian spy – she has to escape.

We assist to a very fictional parkour-like session of Salt trying to save her life.

The movie offers details about how someone has to put his career over any of his/her personal consideration, even family life.

Angelina’s performance was great – at least for me and other fans. You should try and take a ticket for this movie.

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