Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni – Live Action Review

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni – an adaptation after the anime show with the same name – is a thriller meant to deal with the psychological failure of the human being.

Welcome to Hinamizawa. At first you might say that the gorgeous landscape in here makes this place closer to heaven – but in reality that is not true. It’s a place with a dark history and governed by a cruel God called Oyashiro-sama. I say this because the people here used to sacrifice human beings in order to please this God.

The forbidden chamber of torture will be broken in by some of our protagonists so, the curse of Oyashiro-sama will struck again.

If you saw the anime, you already know a little bit about the main characters: Keichii, Mion and her sister Shion, Rena, Rika and Satoko.

The anime has to offer a lot about every of these characters but the movie centers on the relationship between Keichii and Rena.

Mental filth, madness – is probably the main theme of the movie. The characters had a close relationship til Keichii finds out about the series of murders that happened in this place.

Because of that he slowly becomes an outsider. His friends lie to him and hide some facts. Keichii realizes that the strange behavior of them is a sign of bad thing that might come his way.

I personally expected more gore elements because the anime has plenty of them – but I like the idea of terror being transferred into one’s mind. The producers exploited the power of despair – which you can see in this movie. You probably interpreted differently the end of the movie – but as you know and I know – there are hidden messages there – that cannot be cracked easily.

Rena seems to be possessed by a strange and unusual spirit. When she tried to enter Keichii’s room she really scare me a bit.

There is a sequel: Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Chikai – which will be presented here in the near future. But til then, stay away from Hinamizawa. You wouldn’t like to know how is to be spirited away…

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