Choun Shiryu Figure Review

Griffon Enterprises brings us again some new Ikkitousen goodness.

From the producer Masahiro Yamamoto comes the figure of Choun Shiryu – one of the protagonists of the latest Ikkitousen series – Xtreme Xecutor.

Of course that being related to Ikkitousen, the figure must depict the beauty of the female body.

We have a nice Chinese blue-dress with the clicheic pattern of dragons and of course the white stockings to fire-up the buyer.

I couldn’t help but to observe the details of this figure – I mean I adore that weapon she is holding in her hand. About those closed eyes – the producer maybe wanted it this way to suggest her spirituality [who knows – I was just saying].

Anyways, this seems to be a must-have for collectors. It costs 6.460 yens.

picture property of hobby search –

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