Suicide at a young age

I always wondered what makes a human being feel so low, so desperate in order to take extreme measures and end her life. It came again into my attention that an 8 years old japanese girl hanged herself, mostly because she was bullied at school.

Of course that the principal and other students denied everything – but I’m sure that those notes with dark messages didn’t appear from nowhere on her notebooks. I don’t think she refused to go to school just because she didn’t feel like it.

And of course that bullies will never cease to make one feel miserable mainly because this makes them important.

Anyways as sad as it is, a family was destroyed – and the people responsible still live even they don’t deserve it.

A young girl is now lost – because I’m sure that heaven it’s not waiting for her. How someone can be so mean in order to deposit his/her cruelty into another person’s soul. Don’t you feel remorse, pity, don’t you realize you’re only human and what you’re doing is wrong?

I guess not you filthy scum. But I’m sure that Hell is waiting for you, motherfucker!

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