Graduation: Angel Beats

I don’t think I saw a show with a deeper message than Angel Beats, trust me. I always wait for an on-going show to be complete before I watch it – but now I see what I’ve missed. Angel Beats is definitely one of my favorites shows now.

The story of lost souls interacts with their deepest desires to regain what they’ve been missing.

Placed in the afterlife, the action presents us a series of characters who quickly learn where they are and what they must do. Being dead at a very young age is a motive to be angry with God. So under the leading powers of Yurippe (photo left) they create an organization to fight against God and against Angel [Kanade/Tenshi].

This rage is fueled by Tenshi’s counter-attacks. After seeing the show I understood that Kanade knew the truth from the beginning – so she had to fight involuntarily.

Every episode has a message to offer. Staying true to your human nature by helping others is probably the most important thing I’ve learned from this show.

The characters have regrets and they tend to misuse their time in this new world. They know about the fact of disappearing but not the truth behind it.

So, after long and useless fights with Kanade, one of them will regain his memories and finally learn what’s his purpose…because everyone has a purpose, everyone has something to do in order to help the normal run of the world to stay intact.

Disappearing is not a bad thing. It can be associated with many things – good ones.

If one person didn’t manage to do something in her life, another chance might be given to her. If she wants to accomplish something, she will succeed, therefore she’ll disappear.

Stating the same thing in another expression – she will move on – she will not be lost anymore.

The need of love, understanding each other, making connections, trying the team work and therefore stating real personal feelings – in one word – friendship, that’s what makes our heroes to keep on going.

Because they are devoted to their cause, they’ll be able to overcome any obstacle and to graduate. When they do that – they souls are overwhelmed again by freedom – by a pure feeling of accomplishment.

They are who they were supposed to be…

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