Myth: Reality of urban legends

The stories that I’m about to tell you are true. There are certain facts that proved these thing really happened. Myths and legends make  this world a better place because they imply the use of imagination – which is the most important thing related to creativity.

I’m the kind of guy who loves creativity, originality, the spirit of art and the call of senses. I’m also addicted to stories. Real or not – stories make my life colorful, they give me a reason of living my life the way I am.

But enough of that. Let’s get to business. Urban legends are just stories that should scare people? Or are they real? With all the crazy shit that’s happening in the world – I’m telling you, a new era of legends is about to unfold.

Among the real legends we have the hidden corpses. This thing happened in a lot of hotels/motels and places where people use to crash over the night.

You happily enter your room. You’re tired and you need some relaxation time. After taking a bath and eating something, the bed calls for you. As you approach the bed, a strange feeling takes over your body. You are attracted to it in a very unusual way.

After spending a little time in bed, a strange smell comes out of nowhere. it seems like rotten flesh – and when you realise this, you find a corpse underneath your bed.

The shock makes you runaway as quickly as you can. Many murders took place in hotels. And because the killer had to escape – an easy alternative of dealing with the body has been found. Just stuck the cadaver under the bed and you’re out of there.

As crazy as it sounds – people found themselves in this kind of situation all over the world.

Ai’te…the next thing will make your unconscious tremble.

Funerals…the way of saying goodbye to the loved ones. People have a thing for opened coffins. Most of them prefer not to look at the person in there. But a while ago, people used this opportunity to create a unusual “form” of art.

Family portraits depicting all the family embers – including the dead ones. It sounds unreal but it is real. The eyes of the deceased were opened forcibly – and a smile was modeled on his face. Thinking about that sadistic face only gives me the shivers. Imagine a dead guy smiling at you saying that you’re next. Damn…

Have you seen the japanese “One Missed Call” trilogy or the American remake of this movie. No?? Then you should know that dead people can text message the living.

It happened after a train crash in which 25 people died. One of them has been found after a while in the wreckage. But in that time, his cell phone was active and called his family members. How the fuck did that happen? The state of the remains couldn’t prove that he was still alive when the cellphone called…

I’m pretty sure that the creepiness of it cannot explain this fact.

Strange things can happen. I’m sure that everybody at some point in his/her life had to deal with a creepy moment.

I should get an article about crazy shit that happened to me – because I could write a lot.

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