Guide: EE Map Conquering

Okay…first of all..I must say I enjoy once in a while a good RTS gaming session.

And of course that I stay true to my old passions like AoE [Age of Empires] or EE [Empire Earth].

So, because the last few days I played a single map in EE – I decided to say something about it.

I played for three days the same map and I didn’t finish yet destroying all my opponent’s buildings and troops.

Why? Because I’m trying to conquer the entire map :P.

First of all, if you want to do that you have to place your own structures in different points on the map. I used some of my citizens to built watch towers in strategical points.

Then after creating a large number of population and gathered all the necessary resources – I was able to build walls all over the place.

There’s the trick – if you build walls and stop the opponent from entering your territory – you are in advantage.

I always create an army and wait for the opponent to attack me. Prophets can help very much if their magical power is 100 percent. Using the power of spreading malaria makes the battle very easy. Besides, if they only attack your walls – they are already dead.

A good starting point in conquering an EE map is to have enough sources for towers.

The tower can attack the opponent even if a wall stands in front of it.

Building special constructions will make the opponent to attack you, so you have to be ready.

Try to conquer a big part of the map and use the natural environment to block the opponents path.

This will help you a lot.

Then after doing this – your options are turned to entering the enemy’s base. I used a large group of ballistas and archers to attack them. From distance – the attack is more practical.

So, what are you waiting for – show them bastards what are you capable of!

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