Guide: Yandere

Today’s lesson is related to an important aspect of the moe subculture.

When defining characters and creating a list of their traits – we can see that video-media, in general, offers a few models that we can see everyday, everywhere [if we know where to look].

One type of anime/video-game character that we can encounter is the yandere-type.

This protagonist is strongly dominated by his/her feelings. His/her emotions are overwhelming and because of this, tragedy could occur. The person we are talking about is crazy in love with another.

With a cute face and an innocence- suggestive personality, this character has two faces. The one that is used in public is not the real one.

For example, if you saw “School Days” you know that being heartbroken can lead to obsessive and desperate acts.

I know many things about this – because I had to deal with a case that implied death over love.

That shit hurts…but you know, he’s gone and she’s still here – doing all that’s wrong.

Anyway, back to our subject.

Even if the characters look harmless, they have an incredible inner-strength. They have a sick subconscious and their mental health is diminished.

So…did you wondered what could your girl do to you if you decide to end the relationship?

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