Hi. You already know my name…

You already know my interests and you already know what I’m capable of.

It’s been 22 years since I was brought to this planet – and yet, I still haven’t found my purpose here. But that’s okay because I learned that no matter how much time you spend on useless shits – it is not too late.

I can say that these last few years changed me completely. I’m not the one I used to be. Not in a world full of people that only criticize me. I was a good guy, I swear – and I still am [or at least I try to be]. But as you already know, my mental health has always been battling with my attitude.

I can make you laugh and yes, I can make you cry. I can be by your side to make you happy or I can abandon you, like I always did :))

I’m the guy that makes decisions without looking back – even if after that shit I’m feeling sorry. But that’s okay. I’ve been through so much crap that I’m immune to almost everything.

I love movies – and I’ll always will. I’m the guy that tries to be different – to see this life as a video-show – putting the accent on the positive facts. I also has a fucking dark side. I’m fascinated by death. I don’t know why. It is because I had deaths and suicides in the family? I don’t know.

I AM INDEPENDENT! That’s a written rule. I always do thing my own way – and maybe this is the reason why so many people hate me. Anyway, I don’t give a fuck. I can be your friend and your enemy at the same time. But most of the time, we can work things out.

I have secrets…like everybody else. I did some nasty shits back in my days. I discovered the alcohol and became friends :)) The thing that matters is that I’m the friendliest guy when I’m drunk. I don’t know why? Is that my true nature? Cuz I don’t want it to be…

I always dreamed of writing a horror book. I have some ideas – but I don’t have the time to do that. Maybe later…

And to end this my own style, I still sing “Fuck the Police”, I still spend many nights out, I still hate bitches and I’m still searching for that special lady to fill this emptiness.

That’s me baby. Get with it or get lost.

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