Mario: 25th Anniversary

In 1985, September the 13th – was due to be released a video-game that would change the gaming world forever.

The japanese game-developer Shigeru Miyamoto had to create a character that would fit into the story of “Donkey Kong”. This was the first appearance of Mario – first know as Jump Man – in a video game.

This little plumber who has magical powers has become the most recognizable game-character and every game in which he featured was sold in millions of copies.

Why the success – do you wonder? Well, Miyamoto stated that his creativity and the hard work of his team and the possibility of using the latest technological products has launched this character in a world full of promises.

And he is right. I think that Mario is the only character that everybody in the world knows about. And Mario featuring games are still produced and are still amazing.

As a child I played Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo like a maniac – days and nights – weeks and months. I just fell in love with that Universe. It was the only thing that mattered then. It was easy to play – it was my first experience with the side-scrolling games and was a japanese product. So, my passion for Japan and it’s media products developed from back then.

Alright – now I should state some moments from my Mario sessions. I was impressed when I first took that mushroom and I grew up. As I observed the power to destroy bricks and so – I started to hit everything. That’s how I discovered secret coins and possibilities of making more points.

I always hated those flying fishes or what are they…because I always die when I’m almost at the end of the level.

That being said – I guess I’ll play some more today – to remember the good old days.

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