TLJ: Dreams

This is the intro a series of articles related the the best adventure game I’ve ever played: The Longest Journey. The articles will contain a lot of details about the game – so if you want to try it – you should consider not reading this article.

The Longest Journey is the story of the existence of two twin worlds. The Stark [Earth] and a parallel Universe called Arcadia.

The first one is governed by science and technology. We can see from the first chapter of the game that even if Venice it’s an old human-inhabited place – mega-structures and high-tech equipment is scattered all over the place.

Arcadia – is a place of magic, a place where dreams become truth. This will be explained in a later article.

Venice, Newport - outside the Border House

We have our protagonist – April Ryan. She is an artist studying at VAVA University.

Even if her inspiration left her – she has to finish some paintings for an upcoming exhibition.

We see that she has a troubling dream. She is taken to a strange realm where she encounters the Spirit of Wood and then a dragon which tells her that a greater destiny awaits her.

When she’s back to reality, a strange character – Cortez will show her his interest and knowledge about her condition.

He’s the one who marks a certain piece of the puzzle. He truly believes in the power of art and the truth of it. By using the phrase “visualize your dreams” he is capable of offering a detail about April’s dreams. They could be real – they are showing her something.

When while watching that movie – and the jungle landscape becomes real – we have our answer. Deep beneath our imagination is a sparkle of accuracy. It’s a principle that is the base of all things. It’s a naked-truth.

Does April know that?

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