Lain: A truth behind the wire

Serial Experiments Lain is an anime I saw a few months ago dealing with philosophical topics like existence and truth and matter.

What is great about this show is that it depicts certain characters that have a problem – an existential one.

Lain – a regular girl from a middle-class family – who lives in Japan discovers the magnificent power of the Wired – a communication network where different persons have advantage in finding a new purpose of their lives.

In the beginning of the show – Lain receives a mail from a girl who killed herself not long before. This is the proper introduction that Lain receives about the network where she will find her reasons for living.


Being a very spiritual-inflicted show – we often see how one’s power can overwhelm another one. Lain is a deep person – she puts the accent on her thoughts, and she likes solitude.

She is different and she seeks a purpose in the Wired. There she is like totally another human being – some state that it’s her true inner personality – others say that the reflection in the Wired is the person she is trying to be.

It’s like a depiction of being transferred into a realm of digital information. Everything has to be perfectly logic. Every question must have a proper answer.

Seeking the opposite of imagination, searching for an explanation of reality or just trying to give a synonym for personal-identity? Some questions are answered, others not. Still, you have to watch the show.

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