Lost Girl : Pilot Review

A very promising sci-fi story has been recently released with the pilot of the newest Canadian show – Lost Girl. Bo, a female mutant – from a species known as Fae – has lived in shadows and solitude because of her “curse”.

She is capable of draining the life-energy from people by kissing them. Also she has the power to control someone’s mind with her touch.

When a female thief [Kenzi] has almost fall victim to a creepy weirdo – Bo takes action. After kissing him, the smile of death is portrayed on his face. This is the starting point of finding who the mysterious killer is.

Kenzi will face the truth like nobody expected and she wants to become Bo’s partner. But things don’t remain too simple.

As we learn that others like Bo exist, we assist to a test of deciding her fate.

No more details for you, mister. Only a few observations. Yes, you can say it resembles to “Charmed”, and that SF sexiness it’s all there is. I can say that the script has a few mistakes and that the lines are not the smartest ones. But it was catchy and I look forward to the next part of the story.And yes, Bo is a hottie.

By the way, almost 400.000 people watched the pilot in the airing-evening which is a new thing for the ShowCase TV.

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