Frozen – Perceptions

I’ve heard bad things about this movie. So I had to try it. Now, I believe that those fools who said it is a low-budget crap have two options: they gotta admit being fucking retarded or they don’t know shit about movies.

Frozen is: intensive, mind-creeping – a movie that will make your bones tremble.

The story centers around three life-chalenging, snow-sporting lovers that end up left alone on this ski-lift.

It is night, it is very cold outside and more than that, nobody knows that they have been abandoned there.

In this situation, the first thing that comes into someone’s mind is to panic. Yup, a healthy dosage of paranoia to fuck up your mind and to give you the chance to make all the possible mistakes.

When you are not thinking clearly, you have to calm down first, in order to pass a problem. But most people cannot do that.

[Spoiler]One of the group’s members suggests that he should try to jump and go for help. UnLucky bastard. He only brokes his both legs and ends up being mutilated by wolves. No big deal. [Spoiler Ends Here]

The others have a little more to endure. The though of being captive up on a deserted mountain is now like a dark fairy-tale. And, the end is not what I expected.

Anyway – fuck all who said that the movie is not good. [Chucking up my deuces now]

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