Guide: Script Editing

This article deals [partially] with television terminology, offering you a certain amount of information [useful] that you might need to know about how a script [play/tv drama/movie] is processed in order to be changed into a video masterpiece.

First of all, you gotta know what you want to reflect in your story. You gotta have details about the plot, the characters involved in your story – the conflict and of course a part of your personality. I say this because, writers and artists, in general, tend to reflect something that is precious for their style of living, in everything that they do. Transferring something that represents you, into your work, guarantees that the project you are working on will be better and well-appreciated.

Creativity. People told me that I have that. I certainly know I have that. As a child I used to write day and night different fantasy stories, making up heroes and give them a motive to go and be great.

As I grew up I started to be fascinated by TV shows and movies. Now it’s like a drug. I need this everyday. I watch a movie per day, or at least a short film or a TV episode. Before having this blog I used to write reviews, commentaries and personal thoughts about almost everything I watched.

But you know, writing is a very personal thing. And to be better and know where you are wrong, you need constructive criticism. And if you take that personally, it’s not good.

In the case of TV scripts – the process of writing is collaborative. Ideas keep flowing and the production group – the team must work to define the relation between them. The solution must be a part of the team’s decision.

Okay. This part is finished. Next is the job of the script reader/editor.

Besides the correction of grammar and style mistakes, a script-editor must identify [among other requirements] the following elements: spacing, formatting, POVs (point-of-view parts), VO (voice-over parts), directorial commentaries and the well-definition of shots (including transitions).

After all these are accomplished and the producers are interested in the final form of the script – the making of the show/movie can begin.

There are lots of scrip-editing companies that offer their best to create great projects and they all say that writing much is the key to do a better job.

Progress is based also on following examples and respecting received pieces of advice.

Practice, continuance and constantly improving creativity. This is what we need.

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