Berserk [Dark Philosophy] [+18]

I thought I was happy. And I was happy…once. Before I found myself involved in this self-inflicted emotional torture. Before all these victims, the blood and the scared faces.

Being spiritually bounded with the sacred laws of this dark nature of mine… I never believed something like me would exist in this world. I say something because I cannot say that I’m a human being. I left my humanity back there, long time ago.

A cute face wasn’t enough to make a barrier between me and my sadistic plans. Yes, she was cute, WAS. And she will never be again.

I chopped her up and mutilated her sweet body – and with all that blood I painted the most beautiful landscape you’ll get to see in your little miserable pathetic life.

Red clouds, red leaves, red people. Everything represented in this color has an instinctive note of beauty. I wanted to re-create life as it should be – ugly outside but lovely inside.

Life. Red as it can be. Wild like a rabid fox. Awful like a gore-themed nightmare. Savage like a cannibal. Tremendous like a tornado. And yet sweet like the kiss of death.

I’m looking for happiness. And I find only dark skies and angry clouds waiting to devour my soul, or at least what’s left of it. I seek truth and I get bits of perverted lies.

Why shouldn’t I go berserk, my dear? Why shouldn’t I?

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